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Bex & Gracie :: Girls Who Gram

As an artist, occassionally you can start feeling isolated, alone, and like all your doing is producing. Perhaps this is just an #artistprob, but one of the great tensions I've experienced as a creative is balancing work and play. One of the main reasons I delight in creating is because I have so much freedom, but there is a tension (and I say this instead of balance on purpose) between creating for someone else and creating for the sake of seeing what comes alive.

The latter often gets me more excited, there's no deadline, expectation, I'm purely creating for the sake of letting my gifts breathe and move and be. So, the tension is to make time to just create and still allow your gifts freedom when you're creating for someone else. This is all sounding very hippy and maybe there's a hint of pachouli in the air as I type (just kidding, only the aroma of DoTerra EO's dancing around).

But I run into this tension often. I love creating for others, but there is a breaking point when my creative soul feels starved to make a getaway gypsy adventure that has no obligation to anyone else. Raise your hand if you're with me?

In these moments, when inner creative gypsy starts to feel suffocated and looking for a way out I know it's been too long since I just gave myself the freedom to create.

Why do I say all this? Because every once in a while, the gypsy creatives needs a friend to get out on an adventure for the pure sake of creating. It fosters community, and your soul slowly starts to feel freedom to move, less like running away, known, and understood.

I will give a plug to Mikey Huff, Bex Farleigh, and Willie Dalton for fostering a community of creatives that does just that through Walk Alaska! GO TEAM!

If you're a creative (of any sort), my thoughts to you (whether starting out or seasoned) is to MAKE SPACE in your calendar for days where you just create for yourself and REACH OUT to other creative souls and collaborate. You're not alone in a watchtower of creativity. Let your soul out to breathe with others in a free space.

This was one of those opportunities, when Gracie, Bex, and I just decided to create and explore for the heck of it.

CHEERS to Girls Who Gram and are willing to bust out of towers of isolation to create and dream together! <3


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