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hey y'all!

I believe there is a distinct difference between visionaries and creative visionaries. Creative visionaries are as rare as unicorns. You don't believe they exist until you meet one (and for the record, unicorns totally exist). 


As long as I can remember I knew I saw the world differently, often jumping from reality to imagination and then trying to combine my vision for both. I fall into this category of creative visionary unicorn. And if I could make every imaginative thought (or almost every imaginative idea, especially the ones involving slip & slides) a reality, I would.


Which is why I decide to create. A small way to bring my creativity to life and my imagination into the world. As I've explored what that looks like I realize it's a journey, a carefully designed story, by a master story teller. He artfully designs the plot, the cadence, the light and shadows and magically weaves them into life.  


My desire is to illustrate and tell the story He's writing everywhere. Whethere it's graphic design and illustration, writing all the jumbled words in my head to convey my heart, or capturing the unnoticed, but forever moments of life through a viewfinder. The glistening, misty eyed magic of everyday life keeps me catching my breath and marveling at a good and sovereign creator. 


This is part of my story, my every day life. It's a life of creating, making my imagination reality, aiming at an aligned, holistic lifestyle (more on that later), and stepping into the story God has masterfully designed for me.


This is a random collection of chapters of my story, which is truly just a reflection of the story teller. 

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