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Big A + Lil A :: Wedding

"Where there is great love, there is ALWAYS miracles." - Willa Cather

Labor Day weekend I packed up with my pal Hannah Steck headed to Girdwood to see one of the loveliest girls in the world get married. See Adrienne is one of those rare women who looks at you deeply, listens intently, lives passionately, and loves wholeheartedly. She met a man who was equally present and rare, and coincidently named Adrian. They as a pair are some of the most fantastic duos you will encounter.

So, when Hannah asked if I would shoot this wedding with her of course I answered emphatically "YES".

Misty clouds made friends with the mountains and the sunshine occassionally made her appearance. The whole day was MAGICAL! Weddings are always magical, but this wedding was special. Lil A and Big A as they are known love Jesus SO much individually and collectively, and it was entirely evident all day long.

I stumbled into a sweet prayer time with Big A and his best man and felt weepy. Yes, this is a man fit for Lil A, tenderly matching her passion and love for Jesus and for others to know him.

That element alone can send shivers, give you goosebumps, and let hearts soar witnessing two pledging to Jesus as one and entering into the mysteries of covenant together.

Add the magic of this covenant day with friends, lots of laughter, worship, and a FANTASTIC celebration and the glistening magic of the day isn't just's real.

I won't ask forgiveness for honestly declaring that I have some of the HOTTEST friends on the planet, and part of the immense fun of this wedding was getting the exclusive perspective of them celebrating together! Adrian and Addrienne, yours was a beautiful celebration of covenant love. Here's to the many AH-MAY-ZING years ahead!

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