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Woodsen + Danica :: Lifestyle

"Love is a touch of friendship and a handful of dreams." R. M. Drake

One fresh, autumn morning I arrived at Woodsen and Danica's to peer into their morning routine and tiny home.

I was paid in sourdough pancakes that were out of this world (Woodsen's family recipe). As unique as their names, their tiny home mathes their gentle disposition and sense of rare adventure. My peek was one I was privileged to behold.

They've made a lovely space in the woods, just high enough above the city to feel private, and close enough to feel connected. They told me, "We want to capture our life as it is now...before any changes come." Well, changes were on the way, a little bundle of change will be making their appearance next year. Well played, Saunders. Well played.

Quite honestly, I don't think enough couples capitalize on the moments of their life before their family begins growing. These are the roots of your family, and I admire Woodsen and Danica for seeing the opportunity and wishing to capture their sweet life as two before it grows to three.

May this next lil Saunders be just a sweet, adventurous, content, and daring as you are.

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