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Noonday :: Spring Shoot

Remember my friend Hope who's a Noonday Ambassador? Well...the spring line is in, along with a few additional pieces from last season, so what to do? A photo shoot of course. DUH! So, this is a post of how all my friends are DROP.DEAD.GORGEOUS.SUPER.MODEL.STATUS and the best part is they're not jerks about how HAWT they are. No, but seriously, they don't even know how stunning they are. And to make this "amazing girl next door" tale even better, is they're not just fun to look at, they're SO great to BE with.

{Audrey} I could take photos of this gem for days and days. Actually, every ONE of these ladies I could take photos of for days. Audrey seriously needs to model professionally or something. It's hard to capture this much beauty in the camera, but her hair, her eyes, her cheek bones, her lips, and smile! GAH! I have such a girl crush on this woman. And not just because she's stunning, but she is one of those people whose tender soul makes you want to spill yours, and her gentleness just draws people out. The cherry on top? She's so incredibly, delightfully cheerful! And her laugh. Melt me! Okay...I'll try to stop now.

{Faren} Is it creepy when you meet someone and you think, "I want to take her picture one day,"? Cause that's one of the first things I thought when I met Faren. Seriously. And maybe to risk sounding a little creeper, when Hope and I brainstormed this little photo afternoon of fun I said, "I HAVE to photograph Faren!" Okay, I'll admit, creepy. But you have to agree with me, Faren is a natural. Everything about her. And when she gets that smokey look in her eye I feel like she's got millions of fun, daredevil secrets that I want to know. #modelstatus Tyra Banks got nothin' on this girl! She's got SMIZING DOWN. ANTM ain't got nothin' on Faren, they'll be looking for her kind of mysterious, sweet beauty forever. Aside from her stunning looks, her gentle spirit and boldness is the treasure of this beauty. She's encouraging and lovely all in one breath.

{Hope} So, by now you know about Hope. She's one of my very favorite companions and keeper of my heart secrets. When you first meet her you realize there isn't anyone else in the world like her. That beautiful combination of adventurer and gracious woman is rare, and Hope possesses it. Her sweet encouragement is powerful whether discussing heart matters or climbing a mountain. My friend Hope is captivating is all sense of the word. She's beautiful, and every chance I get to photograph her I am delighted. Her heart is lovely and the rest of her is STUNNING! You'd never guess this type of beautiful competes in some of the fiercest Alaskan races.

{Cece} Let's top all these beautiful women off with Cece!!! Okay, 1) funnest name ever, when I was in 3rd grade every single doll or make believe character of mine was Cecelia (or Cece) primarily because that name is just...beautiful! And 2) the woman I know who possesses that name is, GORGEOUS! One of the first times I hung out with Cece I asked her about her story, and she was so honest I knew I needed to know this woman. Her bravery and honesty was like cool water on my heart. But then look at her?! SHEESH! She's incredibly hardcore, beautiful, hilarious, and smart, but totally relatable at the same time. Dangit, she's just incredible! And I love her dimples, I don't care what you say, that grin is PURE.GOLD!

Check out Hope's Noonday website for more information on how you can get connected with these pieces and wear jewelry for a good cause!

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