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Trevor + Melissa :: Proposal

Monday afternoon I got a call from a very excited excited friend of mine. Trevor Millar had been planning for months to ask Melissa to marry him. I was so excited I was nearly jumping on the bed. It's one thing to hear someone's getting engaged, it's another to hear two of your favorite people are getting engaged and it's TOTALLY bed jumping material.

Not only that, but THEN Trevor asked me to photograph their engagement. Um...let me think, DUH! Heck yes I will!

Finals- Trev+Melissa (3 of 227).jpg

So Tuesday night, Kyle and I packed up our gear and headed downtown, rehearsing our cover story on the way there.

Finals- Trev+Melissa (5 of 227).jpg

The plan was to meet Trevor and Melissa at Kaladi Brothers, a place they had spent a lot of time as friends. Kyle and I would be there on a photo date with Trev and Melissa (since they don't have enough photos of the two of them, but seriously...they don't). We would take a few shots and suddenly a horse drawn carraige would pull up to the curb, and Trev, would say something like, "Let's see if they'll give us a ride, Melissa." (Melissa has a thing for horses, a real, legit THING). They would ride off, Trevor would recite a poem he had written, end up at the Brewhouse where we would be sneakily waiting, and he would propose.

We showed up at Kaladi Brothers, hearts pounding, cheesy grins everywhere and anticipating the BIG moment. Since Kaladi Brothers was closed we decided to take advantage of their windows and lighting to create some steamy moments.

Finals- Trev+Melissa (60 of 227) copy.jpg
Finals- Trev+Melissa (75 of 227) copy.jpg
Finals- Trev+Melissa (94 of 227) copy.jpg
Finals- Trev+Melissa (82 of 227) copy.jpg
Finals- Trev+Melissa (77 of 227) copy.jpg

Midway through our shoot, a horse drawn carraige hops the curb, ends up on the sidewalk and a man in a top hat shouted out to Trevor, "You want a ride?"

Finals- Trev+Melissa (114 of 227) copy.jpg

"Did you plan this?" Melissa asked.

"No," Trevor replied, with an unmistakeable grin that was pure Trevor mischief.

Into the carraige and away they went. I felt like I was sending a princess off with her prince charming as they rode away I almost yelled out, "Hang on to your glass slippers!"

Finals- Trev+Melissa (28 of 227) copy.jpg

Kyle and I booked it to the Brewhouse, where a frenzie crowd of Trevor and Melissa's close friends and family waited. We warmed up our hands, took a few test shots, and waited.

Finals- Trev+Melissa (122 of 227).jpg

Soon we spotted a carriage coming up the street. My heart began to pound and the shutter began firing.

Finals- Trev+Melissa (148 of 227) copy copy.jpg

THIS was a once in a lifetime moment. The Trevor + Melissa proposal chapter was being written. The carraige pulled up, friends and family piled out of the Brewhouse and over the din of their cheering, Trevor said, "What I'm saying is, Melissa Eve, will you marry me?!?!"

"YES!" She cried and wrapped her arms around him.

Finals- Trev+Melissa (185 of 227) copy.jpg

It was better than any Hallmark or cheesy romcom. THIS was real life. It was the story of two of my friends, who everyone thought should always be together, now they were, and soon they will be forever.

Finals- Trev+Melissa (29 of 227).jpg

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