Reed Lakes :: Alaska Hikes

Two years ago Hope and I embarked on a hiking adventure. After months of saying we were going to hike together we decided to finally do it.

On the most perfect summer day of ALL.TIME (no, but seriously), we set out to do the nine mile round trip of Reed Lakes with our friends Crissa and Anna (my sister-in-law, also known as Shmantsy).

That was the first time. The second time we embarked on this adventure with our friends Corrine and Irene, this time in September. We had an exceptionally long fall and it was amazing how warm the weather was as we progressed into the mountains.

For fear of EVERYONE knowing one of my favorite Alaskan hikes, here's the link to the best decription I know of on the internet for Reed Lakes.

The views are stunning, and if you want to leave your troubles behind and journey into what looks like Middle Earth, go to Reed Lakes.

#alaska #reedlakes #hiking #film #fujifilm

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