Britta & Kyle :: Mother Daughter Date

Britta happens to be one of the most amazing mommas I know!!! She's an amazing nurse, friend, writer, and momma! Incredibly courageous, noble, hard-working, gracious, and strong, I have a TON of admiration for this lady.

One summer evening we spent in Kincaid Park exploring and giggling!

Her daughter Kyla is the cutest, wittiest, playful 3 year old of all time! And let's just say this tike LOVES a good time. She was cracking me up!

Walking through the woods was like walking in Sherwood Forest. Kyla is currently obsessed with fairies, so she kept an eye out for fairies.

Once we got out to the bluff we were hit with GUSTS of wind. Britta and Kyla were troopers, and Kyla kept looking for fairies.

Britta and Kyla make the best AK Starfish models.

We had the BEST time...until, Kyla's bedtime started creeping up on us, and then we hit a wall. Okay, well Kyla hit a wall. But she was still just as cuddly and adorable as when she was full of life.

#alaska #anchorage #rheacreative #motherdaughter #kincaidpark

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