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top 5 places to see

The beauty, vastness, and variety of Alaska is incomparable. That is one of the many reasons Alaska's beauty and wildness originally appealed to my need for adventure. From quaint fishing villages to rugged mountaintops, your thirst for adventure will always be met.  

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Outside of Homer, Alaska is the magic of Kachemek Bay. Unparalleled beauty from Grace Ridge if you'd like a challenging hike and stunning views, of the master of Grewik Glacier, and the quaintness of Halibut Cove. I've yet to discover every haunt in Kachemek Bay, but each year I try to add a little more to my knowledge. 

Whether you go into Denali National Park or drive to Talkeetna to bask in the beauty of Denali, you won't regret either. The trip into the park won't always guarantee views of the mountain, but you'll likely see wildlife and be entertained by your tour guide. If you want a challenging view of Denali, the Kesugi Ridge trail is worth the effort. 

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Seward Alaska is our local beach town if you will. The effort to get to Seward is worth the trip. My first suggestion is to book a wildlife tour or fishing trip with my good friend Terry on Latitude 60. Second, stop at the train wreck for the best cheesy grits on the planet. And lastly, take the trek up the old Mt. Marathon Jeep Trail for this uncompromising view of Resurrrection Bay. 

A short distance from Anchorage is Girdwood, our ski village. During the winter pack up your gear and head out for a big powder day with big views. During the summer you can either hike or take the tram up for a gorgeous view of the Turnagain Arm and multiple glaciers. If you want an easier hike, the Winter Creek tram trail is easily done in the rainforest of Girdwood. 

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Coming soon will be the list of State Cabins I recommend booking. For now, just know there are countless cabins to book across the state, in addition to yurt rentals out of Kachemek Bay.

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