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top 5 days hikes

Here is the complete list of my top 5 day hikes from Anchorage! In Alaska we hike rain or shine, the effort is to get above the clouds. Treat yourself to a bevy or treat of your choice to add to the experience.


Just outside the tunnel from Whittier this is a fantastic hike to get glacier views on one side and views of the Prince William Sound from the other. Typically accessible through the year, it's .8 miles to the top and then 1.2 from there to the glacier lake. Making a sweet 4 mile round trip if you want to go the whole way. You'll need to plan your departure/arrival along the opening of the Whittier tunnel. 

One of my all time favorite hikes within Hatcher's Pass. Plan to leave Anchorage early. You'll feel like you set foot in Middle Earth once you've hiked through the boulder fields. The parking has been pretty crowded the last 3 years. Pack a picnic lunch for the most stunning picnic of your life.


Flat Top within the Glen Alps is by far the most popular trail within Anchorage Bowl. A gradual 3ish mile hike, recently cut into the backside of the mountain and an easier pace if you're looking for something close by. Be sure to get your photo by the flag at the top. 

One of the more difficult hikes within Anchorage driving distance, this one isn't for the faint of heart, but well worth the work for the views. You'll scale 3,200 feet in 2.3 miles and have the satisfaction of completing this feat. Don't let the 14 false peaks fool you, you'll make it to the top. 

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This 1-mile trail along a ridgeline within Hatcher Pass will showcase stunning views. The initial incline may feel narrow, but it is well worth the short climb to the top. 

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