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Items I used often. I typically research and test my essentials over the course of a month. They must be durable, quality, fashionable (if applicable), and long-lasting. These are items I believe are worth the investment. Obviously, some of these are affiliate links, and some aren't. That's how essential I believe they are. I don't put my stamp on just anything. 

IMG_3086 2.JPEG

My go-to year-round. The Atom Hoody fits perfectly in my pack without taking up too much space. It seamlessly will meet your needs for chilly summer evenings or layer in the winter. Is it too Alaskan to suggest the black Atom Hoody can even be classed up for a night out? 

I'm a boujie coffee girl, and this pour over set has been my lifesaver in a pinch. Of course I'm bringing my Stranger Mountain coffee on each trip, and this little trick only heightens every adventure. 


This is hands down the best skincare I have ever used. I've definitely pledged my loyalty to them. The fact that they are holistic and European-derived ingredients makes this skincare line stand above the rest. The holi oil is my go-to everyday wear. 

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