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top anchorage restaurants

As much of the Northwest is full of budding foodies, Alaska is no exception. I've added my favorites with tips and tricks of how and what to try. Let me know if there are any suggestions you have after experiencing Anchorage's local fare. 


Bear Tooth is one of Anchorage's famous local fares. There are three elements to this fun stop. The first is the Bear Tooth Grill, one of the best brunches in town, and fantastic lunch and dinner options. The garlic cilantro fries with chip mayo won't be something you'll forget. The second element is the pub side of Bear Tooth, fantastic pizzas, and hot sandwiches. I love the turkey, bacon hot sandwich. But you really can't go wrong with anything at Bear Tooth. The last element of this amazing stop is the theater. Bear Tooth shows second-release films. I prefer the pub margarita and popcorn to accompany my dinner and movie. 

During the winter I eat Kami Ramen at LEAST one time a week. Some of the best ramen in town. The owners are fantastic and the location has genuine vibe. 


Need an amazing view of Sleeping Lady as the sunsets while noshing on amazing food and some of the best cocktails in town. Simon and Seaforts is known for their mojitos. 

Asian fusion in a chill atmosphere downtown. The Ahi Tuna Tower, Fries, and Old Fashioned is my go-to order. 


Some of the most authentic Mexican in town. You won't leave disappointed with the taco options. Andres Fault is the best cocktail, we love the queso dip, and you'll never go wrong with any of the tacos. 

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