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top 5 anchorage breweries

Anchorage has a thriving brewery business and you will be fortunate to sip on some of the finest IPA's, hard ciders, pilsners, and hard kombucha. Below is my personal favorites. 

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The beauty of Midnight Sun Brewery isn't that they are one of the longest-standing breweries in town, but their food is amazing. My personal favorite is the Sweet Cheeks as a wrap accompanied with the Panty Peeler, my favorite beer in Alaska. 

Second, to Midnight Sun, Double Shovel offers a large community space and features local food trucks and markets on the weekends. You'll be sure to find something you like here. 


A new favorite to our ever-evolving breweries, Zip offers hard and traditional Kombucha. It's the best booch you'll ever taste. I stand by that. 

King Street and Anchorage Brewing Company happen to be on the same block. Kill two birds with one stone and both of these fantastic breweries. ABC is known for its IPA's & Sours. King Street keeps an a plethora of brews on tap. 


A one-stop shop family-owned restaurant, so you can sample Anchorage's local brews on tap. If you don't want to scale Anchorage for your new favorite beer, this is the place to stop. 

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