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Kelcy + Gus :: Wedding

This wedding holds HEAPS of specialness to me. Not only do I love this woman and her family DEARLY, but this day was a flood of feels. I can't really articulate all of them, but I was a foggy mist most of this day, a tragedy in the middle of such sweet celebration and a celebration so full of joy in the midst of deep pain. Longings, so many longings for this sweet bride, her husband, and family.

I admire so many things about this family, but witnessing them grieve and celebrate so fully in the same day will be probably one of the most profound experiences of my life. And in every tear, every laughter, every dance, every hug, and sigh, I think Chip was honored. I missed that man on this day, but I saw him in his sons and his daughter so clearly.

I won't apologize for too many photos of this day, the moments were too captivating. This day was full and deep, and I doubt there will be many as rich as this one.

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