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Portage Pass :: Adventure

Not too far past the Whittier side exit of the tunnel is one of the easiest hike with one of the most spectacular view. Spring is my absolute favorite season to hike in Alaska, the snow is perfect for post-holing, the light is A.M.A.Z.E.B.A.L.L.Z., and the weather is mild. Seriously, do not be deterred by the snow people. Bluebird spring days in Alaska are triple cherries on a slot machine!

We packed up with a couple of Anna's friends from camp, visiting Alaska, and headed out for a gal pal 1 mile trip up Portage Pass. As you crest the top of the pass there's a spectacular view of Portage Glacier. This day was tremendous! The company was fabulous, the view was breathtaking, and we decided to hunker down for lunch in Whittier of famous fish and chips.

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