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Trevor + Melissa :: Wedding

By now you already know that one of my absolute favorites is when friends become clients or clients become friends! But there is something so special about having a front row seat to seeing how God works in the lives of your friends. What's even better than friends becoming clients and clients becoming friends is watching friends become friends.

Trevor and Melissa gave me that sweet opportunity in September when they got married. You'll hopefully remember their romantic, carraige ride engagment here.

I was so honored when Melissa asked me to be in their wedding. I've gone through deep waters with Melissa and one of the qualities I admire in her the most is her ability to traverse through deep, hard places that bring you to sweet authentic friendship that you don't just get with anyone. Since I was in their wedding it was tricky for me to shoot and be a bridesmaid (HELLO, the high school girl in me was freakin out, this was going to be the wedding of the year, and two of my friends getting HITCHED, duh, I'm in, dress me up in whatever you want).

So, I asked another one of my friends to come in a work their magic. Eric and Alexa possess a treasured quality of making almost anyone instantly their friend. They enter friendship with ease, and it isn't long before you're laughing with both of them and feel comfortable enough to share your deepest dreams, secrets, and humiliating stories.

So I would second shoot the bridal portraits with Eric and leave the rest of the day to Eric and Alexa. And it was a magical day!

Not only is there a rare quality of authenticity to Melissa and Trevor, but Melissa's beautiful creativity and design plus Trevor's fervor for fun made this wedding UNFORGETTABLE. Add Eric and Alexa's amazing ease, fun, and friendship and the day was MARVELOUS!

I remember watching the four of them, two couples, and thinking, "Wow, God. These are four amazing representations of the gospel and expressions of you. You are so good." Selfishly, it is a gift to people watch your friends becoming friends.

The "Zoesch Method" in action

Cheers to the joy of being with friends becoming friends and sharing in some of the sweetest moments of life together!


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