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Applegate Island

September 11th was a big day for me. It was my last day as a part time employee, gypsy wanderer, and the day I fully transitioned to full time ministry. The day itself felt incredibly monumental, and my brother and his buddies planned an epic weekend to cap of my season at ChangePoint and transition fully to Young Life. Additionally, he and his buddy Bryan had purchased a boat together and wanted to christen her flagship trip before winter set in.

I lept into the start of full time ministry on an island outside of Whittier, and I realize why our friend Eugene wants to escape into the Sound every weekend. I wanted to escape and live there forever.

Eugene was our expert guide and captain. At the rumble of the motor of their boat taking life, Tony and Bryan exchanged a look that can only be discribed as Tom and Huck marveling that this was their life and an adventure was about to happen. I don't know if it was a twinkle of mischief of disbelief, but they were giddy.

Eugene guided us to an island to make our home for the weekend. There we explored, nap, tried to find dry wood, and swapped stories and good food around a warm fire (let's not forget our guests...and the chance meeting at Carlos's later).

Our weekend started out misty and foggy, the next morning a calm had fallen over the bay and the world was glistening and lit up. It was breathtaking, and well worth the bays brutish damp cold the day before.

Here's to many more adventures, escaping to the mystical hideaway places of the Prince William Sound and all aboard the Lusty Shrew!

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