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Drew + Melissa :: Engagement

One of the distinct privileges of capturing moments through a veiwfinder is seeing friends grow and change on the other side. I've grown up knowing Drew. We used to carpool to school together back in 3rd and 4th grade. He and my brother used to make fun of me while imitating Tony Hawk moves in high school and jr. high (those years were rough). Finally, I think we came to terms that we would be friends.

One of the distinctions of Drew's story is watching him grow and transform into such an honorable man of God. Watching his story unfold and him open his life up to radical transformation by a radical Savior has been one of the greatest gifts. Equally stunning has been watching him fall in love and cherish Melissa, who entered and exited his life a little over a year ago.

Let me explain, as they started seeing each other, Melissa was headed off to Minnesota for her graduate degree (they're both smarty pants/high achievers/going places). Drew pursued Melissa from a distance and has clearly cherished, honored, and been generous in his pursuit.

Now they're going to get married. Even the creativity and fantastic way Drew popped the question is marvelous.

It's a gift to watch your friends grow up and see who they become, who Jesus has designed them to be, and with each small surrender how he marvelously unfolds his great masterpiece in each of us.

Looking forward to a December wedding with these two!

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