Gracie :: Baby Bump

One of my dearest hearts is Grace Adams! She and I have shared many adventures together, braved matters of the heart, and witnessed our stories unfold.

Her little growing bump has been the greatest joy and miracle to witness. Proof before our very eyes that God sees, knows, and delights to give us gifts.

One Sunday afternoon when the leaves were in golden splendor Grace and I embarked on an adventure. I had wanted to take some film shots of her baby bump before it was too late on my AE-1.

If only we knew then how big and strong little Rowan was growing inside Gracie. The light and colors were spectacular! Breathtaking doesn't even describe it. And when I think about the growing babe inside Gracie, I gasp thinking about God's goodness. Perhaps one day she'll share the story...

#alaska #anchorage #graceadamsphotography #rheacreative #maternity #babybump

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